The BBQs…

2017 Limited Edition  hand built in small batches with  100% green energy, by a small team of 2 highly skilled blacksmiths. Selling direct from the workshop since 1999 we pride ourselves on simple clean design and top notch craftsmanship. 

We use brand new steel drums or recycled stainless steel drums… 

© 1999- 2017 Original Jerk BBQs all rights reserved 

Half Cut 2017.688

the half cut £600 + VAT and delivery


J Cut 2017.686

the J cut £1,000 + VAT and delivery

SS J Cut 2017.656

The J cut in stainless steel £1,500+ vat and delivery

SS Half Cut 2017.651

The half cut in stainless £800 + vat and delivery

The Mother duel fuel smoking oven 

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  1. Hi, great products but a tad expensive but I guess it’s because these are humongous! Shame, just too large for home use.

    Any thought of using the smaller cans (circa 20Ltrs) to create a smaller and cheaper product?

    • Hi Stewart, they are pretty big !! I make smaller ones- a vertical oil drum, no base as the drum acts as the base. A fire basket and a nice laser cut grill or a cheaper wire grill

      price for a good one of those would be £300 and a cheaper verson for £250

  2. Hi, how much do you charge for a 1/2 and a 1/4 cut customised bbq delivered to east yorkshire. Thanks

  3. Hi Mate. Love your BBQs. I want to import maybe 3 to another European country but does it require a CE certification, so you can send to me? It would be a B2B deal.

    • Hi Stezza, thanks your enquiry… as far as I’m aware th bbqs don’t require CE certification as they are hand made in small batches so crafted not manufcatured. We sold to Nederlands, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden no problem with shipping. I can supply instructions etc…

  4. Hi the barbecues look great do you keep any in stock or are they all bespoke?
    Can I come and have a look? got a big bbq coming up…

    • Hi Martin,
      when yours bbq coming up ? we cant make them fast enough at the moment and off on holiday end of next week for two weeks so might be able to complete beforehand

  5. Hi original jerk.

    I’m love your bbq’s and am trying to convince the wife to buy one.

    We have noticed that some of the bbq’s in your pictures have the original paint from the drum still on them. Do you strip the paint off or do you leave it on when you send them? Do you sand blast them or something? Also what was in the drums you used before you made them into bbq’s?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Some drums are recycled so have the original paint- Castrol for example but normally we get new unpainted drums as they’re cleaner

      • That makes sense, so I could have a bbq made from a Castrol drum and the paint wouldn’t burn off with the heat from the coals?

        Thanks 🙂

      • The Castrol paint isn’t heat proof so would probably come off from the bottom and maybe the top slowly over time. Matt black is more durable but colours are more fun. It’s easy enough to touch up repaint later

      • That also makes sense. Thank you for clearing that I for me. The j cut is my favourite.

        Thanks again 🙂