OJ Customs 

If your looking for something a little different chances are we can build it. Whether it’s a trailer mounted BBQ or something personalised with a company logo or friends name we can make it for you.

Drop us a line with your ideas, logo’s etc

Sailor Jerry closed final tweaks May 2015.1015





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  1. what is the cost for a barbecue similar to the “appleton style”. with the J cut drum.
    can you also say does your barbecue have a fire box fitted in the end of the drum, that can be pulled out, for loading more charcoal in the drum.
    can you show a photograph of the “J cut drum ” internals.

    • Hi John, the standard J cut is £800 plus the vat, branding is on top and cost depends on complexity… the Appleton one was a real mission and very fiddly

      The j cut doesn’t have a side loading drawer we found it weakens the drum, but we do one called a “deep base” that has two sets of front loading drawers, fuel and ash

      They’re should be an exploded view of a Bbq internals, Fire grate in bottom, the grill , and smoking shelf

      Gimme a shout at the workshop on 0208 764 4895 or swing by we’re only in Streatham

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