OJ Customs 

We have built custom BBQs  Sailor Jerry, Appleton Estates, Wray and Nephew, Virgin Holidays Barbados, Wedge Fish, Trojan Records, Mammas Jerk, BBQ KINGS, Budweiser, White Men Cant Jerk, RUDIES and a loads of other brands and private individuals.  Here’s a few examples and we have a new algorithm that converts images into a series of different sized holes for laser cutting complicated shapes.


IMG_3777 (1)IMG_3776 (1)besmoke-tweaks-16-may-2016-page-001IMG_0456photos of a few customised OJ BBQs and our special custom logo with the flaming sausage…

Sailor Jerry closed final tweaks May 2015.1015





We build some pretty nice custom BBQs with paint jobs, laser cuts and hand made logos and lettering.. We’re a small smokin’ BBQ company   with our in house product designers  Sturdy and Tan designs.

We can brand the BBQs with  logo’s and supply accurate 3D renderings for your approval.

MJ Teaked

Wedge Fish 2.1278

IMG_4716IMG_4720Untitled 7 kite ArmadaIMG_4086IMG_3364-0IMG_1574 Sailor Jerry closed final tweaks May 2015.1015 conan-20-02-15-19  12141529_1676762685870619_6595208602345260958_n

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  1. Interested in a bespoke 1/2 oil drum no wood shelves at the side but in tuff gong colours delivered to Preston Lancashire

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