BUY oRiGiNaL jErK (all prices +vat)

Handmade in Streatham, SW London by a small team of 2 highly skilled blacksmiths using 100% green energy. Each BBQ is crafted from scratch….
© 1999- 2017 Original Jerk BBQs all rights reserved

oRiGiNaL jErK high grade bbqs handbuilt to perefction with 100% renewable energy from Conan Sturdy on Vimeo.

We accept cards via PayPal and can also accept bank transfers via BACs or IBAN. delivery by pallet anywhere in the UK or  and your welcome to collect for free. We also sell to Europe delivery prices can be quoted.

Designed and built at the workshop in Streatham the BBQs are designed with attention to detail and well built by skilled UK blacksmiths and metal artists.

VAT is payable on top and added automatically

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  1. Hi there

    Last week I bought one of your BBQ’s and for it’s delivery, I am happily moved into my new address and am just wondering when the BBQ is going to be delivered



    • hi richard,

      Whereabouts are you ? we have 2 in stock ready to go
      Free to collect or £20 deliveredm, they are edged up so no bare oil drum cut exposed edges
      price is £220 + delivery

      Conan 07866 264 755

  2. Do you guys have some photos of the compact vertical BBQ? It’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I’d like to see some proper pics!

  3. Hi could you tell me the cost of the original 1/4 cut with timber side shelves, half smoking rack and heavy duty grill.

  4. Hi, loving the new website!! Could you tell me if you have any 1/4 cut or j cut available for collection. If not, I am looking for one by 3rd- 4th April if thats possible? I would also like to collect this as I am local.

    Look forward to your reply


  5. how much are the accessories (half smoking shelf, bolt on bottle opener, cover, thermometer, timber side shelves, heavy duty grill) for the oRiGiNaL jErK 1/4 Cut oil drum BBQ

    • Hi Martin- do you have one of our BbQS ? Only ask as the side shelves for them fit on the three parallel bars that pierce the drum and support the grill.? Grill £40, half shelf with retrofit brackets £50, thermometer £10, bottle opener £10, cover £40, timber side shelves £60. You’d need to confirm internal dimensions of the drum and if you haven’t got one ours we could make up some brackets to fit the shelves on any drum.

  6. Hi,

    I ordered a J cut on the 5th June but so far not heard anything about delivery. I’ve checked the status on the website and it doesn’t indicate anything different from when I placed the order. Could you please get back to me with an expected delivery date.



      • Hi Conan, It’s been a month since the order and still no BBQ. Can you please give me a definite delivery date? Chris

      • Hi Conan, Looking forward to receiving the j cut this week and have arranged for loads of people to come round at the weekend to test it out so no pressure on the delivery date? When you have a minute could you please ring me (Oldbury) as I may have to have it delivered to my work so I don’t miss the delivery driver.



  7. Hi Conan can you conform the full spec for the 2015 summer limited edition 1/4 cut and how much extra it is for the new front shelve.
    Cheers Del

  8. Hi Conan. Interested in buying a T-bone smoker. Been trying to call but can’t reach you. When is a good time to call? Cheers

      • Hi Conan, just checking the payment all came through ok for the Tbone? I sent you a mail regarding extra strength on the joint between top and bottom drums and if possible wing bolts so I can dismantle for moving. Cheers. Chris Onions

  9. Hi Guys I’d really like to order the above BBQ with Front shelve, could you get back to me with a price and spec. Cheers.

  10. Hi Conan, I’m a streatham resident and looking to come and purchase a BBQ. Can’t seem to get through on the phone. Is the workshop open at the moment and can I stop in? Thanks, James (07595290106)

  11. Hey, can you tell me if you can do a 1/4 cut classic but for gas use in a beer garden please guys and also the cost with VAT, Cheers Emma

  12. Hi
    I can’t get through on the phone.
    Do you have any j cuts for delivery? How much is delivery? When are you open so we can come and see what you have? Thank you from Jasmine

    • Hi jasmine- thanks or your enquiry, sorry i was working in the workshop and can’t alway shear the phone ringing. Would could have a J cut out next week. We’re here pretty much all of the time but best to give me a call or drop me a email when your thinking of coming down. We’ve got loads we’re working on

  13. Hi Conan. I’m interested in buying a J-Cut in Green,Gold and Red. No side shelves. Can you let me know how much and what the delivery time would be? Cheers. Sam

  14. Hi Conan. I’m interested in getting a J cut, and was wondering if we could come down to your workshop to see what you have available of the shelf. Would the bbq fit in a range rover evoque. If you could provide some dimensions of the barrel, etc so I can measure. Also, does the larger grill area come in 2 separate pieces? I would prefer 2 sections, as this would give me an option to cook with skewers at the same time as using a grill. Might be able to come down next week, if ok? Thanks. AJ

    • Hi Aj, we’re on a about a 10-14 days turnaround, the grills are 2/3 1/3. I’m around all next week except tuesday. I’d imagine they’d squeeze into your car- handle to handles without the side shelves on are 1200mm and the barrel diameter is about 600mm…

  15. Hi Guys!

    Apologies if already asked but i couldn’t see it. do you deliver to the isle of man? little island between uk/ireland 🙂 tt races!


  16. Hi OJ
    I ordered a half drum on Sunday from the website and just wondered what sort of delivery date I was looking at?
    It’s my wife’s fortieth end of next week and I was kinda banking on my new bbq taking centre stage…next to the birthday girl of course.
    I hope you realise I could still get in a world of hurt for buying it! I can’t wait!

  17. 😬 ok dude. Do I get a free gift for the stress and worry at a) it not being here by Friday and b) the potential nuclear fall out from Mrs Wilson at buying it in the first place?

    Rob x

      • That’s great. Thank you for the response. Does that include the removable shelf? Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend!


      • Hi Conan. Still no sign. Have the BBQ and shelf been dispatched? And do you have any way of tracking the delivery. Sorry to hassle.


  18. Thanks. I would collect as I am only down the road in Catford but it still says there’s a £70 fee to do this? Is that correct?

  19. Hi. I bought a OJ ‘J’-cut last year from yourselves, and was wondering how much a cover costs for this BBQ? Thanks, AJ

  20. Hi. I made a payment for a cover 10 days ago. Can you advise when or if you have posted to me? Thanks, AJ

  21. Hello yestarday i paid for my order #124 stainless and fixed stan, cause it’s a gift like I told in the comment of the order can i have maximum for 23 May??? please!!!! SIlvia

    • Hi Silvia, Summer time gets pretty busy and apologies for slow response- there’s only two of us at the workshop. Yuur bbq is nearly finished- I’ll check on the progress tomorrow in the workshop and give u an eta

    • hi Charles,

      yes we have one ready to paint so if you ordered in the next couple of days we could send out by early next week

  22. Congratulations. The BBQs look amazing
    One question though – how do you remove the spent ashes? Just scoop when the bbq is cool? There’s no sliding shelf is there?
    Or how would you add coal halfway through cooking?
    Thanks, I’m very interested!!

    • Hi there, this model can be cleaned out after using by a scoop, ash Hoover or lifting off stand and tipping out. We do one with drawers and a flip front called the deep base

    • Hi Oliver, we can organise shipping to Ireland or get ready for a man in a van

      We’re only making the J cuts at the moment, turnaround is 3-4 weeks

  23. Hi guys,

    Just planning ahead for 2018! how much would one of the deep base j cut with ash tray cost including a full wrap round counter? to include delivery to Ireland?

    Thanks James

    • Hi James, £1,500 for deep base, with ash trays, £150 for wrap around shelf, plus the vat and about £100 delivery

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