Oj “T-Bone” oil drum bbq and smoker

2016 HIGH GRADE EDITION £800 +vat delivered nationwide

Hand built in Streatham using 100% renewable electricity, using recycled materials and a zero wastage workshop ethos. 2 skilfully cut interconnecting oil drums with 2 food smoking shelves in the lower compartment and a fire box that feed heat and smoke above. Top bbq fitted with a heavy duty fire grate for an independent cooking area covered with a 10mm thick seasonable 2 part split grill for quick reloading of fuel. A removable smoking shelf, rotisseries available as an extra and slabs of oiled and branded scaffold board dress the sides. Fully edged and finished with a forged handle. A full length continuous hinge opens the lid for simple uncomplicated temperature control. Black dial thermometer as standard: a digital blue tooth enabled option is available and TEC units for USB charging points. A poker is included for stoking the fire and moving around food. We can also customise the drums with handmade and laser cut designs inside and out.

Good vibes included….

www.originaljerk.co.uk                                                                   Workshop 0208 764 4895

OJ BBQ T Bone 2016.1575

OJ BBQ T Bone 2016.1572

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