each one is crafted by hand in streatham…

DPP_ Conan0126DPP_ Conan0251DPP_ Conan0244
The cut oil drum and 1/4 cut lid are fully edged in a folded sheet metal U channel. This makes the cut drum more rigid and eliminates flimsy sharp edges. Three 12mm bars are fitted inside to support the split grill and form the carrying handles. These 3 bars further strengthen the drum. The lid is welded on with continuous hinges running the entire length. The chimney is a nice curved 90 pipe elbow. Finally x5 -12mm air holes are drilled in each side and 10 air and water holes drilled in the bottom. The BBQ is finished off by adding a forged handle or straight handles depending on customer choice. Then its off to the paint shop for 2 coats of matt black. We can then fit it up fire grate, grill, smoking shelf, fire poker and with the works accessories if ordered, timber side shelves, thermometer, bottle opener,charcoal, cover jerk seasoning and its ready to go out to party… sunshine not included!

DPP_ Conan0220 we’re happy to put our name on…

DPP_ Conan0219 Split grill going in …

DPP_ Conan0221 90′ curved chimney…DPP_ Conan0183   Carry handles being welded on…DPP_ Conan0186 3 bar grill support going in…DPP_ Conan0114 Conan at work…

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