Limited Edition & hand built with 100% green energy

All our BBQs  are hand built  using 100% green electricity. We stuck a load of solar panels up on the workshop roof, and we buy in extra on a 100% green tarif so we’re probably climate positive : ) All the cutting, drilling and welding in the workshop is made possible through the electricity generated from the sun, wind and waves….

We sometimes use old oil drums that get brought to us: Castrol, Petronas, Shell and we sometimes use brand new unpainted ones. The old drums are a bit more work to clean out and work on but they look great and with the scaffold board on the sides are made from recycled materials.

The UK steel that goes into the grills has been specially selected for its unique properties and are made from low phosphorous steel which means that after repeated heating and cooling the molecular structure will relatively soft and relaxed. So they wont crack or split over time…

UK Registered Designs on all of our range of BBQs and grills.

Original Jerk ®️ is a registered trademark of Conan Sturdy, Blacksmith

All are BBQs are handmade and finished at the workshop in Streatham, SW London

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