Limited Edition & hand built with 100% green energy

Sometime last century in my early 20s down at my old workshop under the Arches on Ladbroke Grove in the heart of Notting Hill, I started making oil drum BBQs or jerk pans BBQs. A day before carnival a chap desperate for some welding came into the workshop with a few bits of metal, an oil drum and some mesh. I had a few bits of metal lying around and some hinges and within a few hours this chap was wheeling off an oil drum BBQ with a hinged lid on a chopped shopping trolley ready for carnival with his son to make some cash and have a laugh. I made a bbq earned some cash and he was happy with the creation and off to make a wedge, everyone happy 😃

I still have my workshop bigger and better in south London. Over the course of making literally hundreds of BBQs using recycled and fresh steel we still constantly refine them and make them better and better. But pretty much the story is the same we make something nice for you the customer to use and enjoy while earning some money 💰 and in some small way make the world a more enjoyable place, through bbq’ing and outdoor chilling.

All our BBQs  are hand built  using 100% green electricity. We have a 4 kilowatt array of solar panels up on the workshop roof and we buy in extra on a 100% green tariff from ECOTRICITY. We’re all about low volume and high quality. We also design and build one off items furniture and custom metalwork.

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All are BBQs are handmade and finished at the workshop in Streatham, SW London

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