Limited Edition & hand built with 100% green energy

All our BBQs  are hand built  using 100% green electricity. We have a 4 kilowatt array of solar panels up on the workshop roof and we buy in extra on a 100% green tariff from ECOTRICITY. We don’t make hundreds of BBQs every year from a big factory somewhere… We’re all about low volume and high quality. When we’re not making BBQs we design and build one off items furniture and custom metalwork.

The steel barrels we use are always brand spanking new and we don’t use manky old drums that have had engine oil in them… I wouldn’t cook on something coated in engine oil or hydraulic fluid…. probably not too healthy 🤮 but steel is recyclable and biodegradable.

The side shelves are made from reclaimed timber and are solid wood that come up lovely with a bit of sanding and wood oil.

©️copyright design ®️ Registered Designs on all of our range of BBQs and grills.

Original Jerk ®️ is a registered trademark of Conan Sturdy, Blacksmith

All are BBQs are handmade and finished at the workshop in Streatham, SW London

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