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There’s something magical about cooking outside with friends and family. We help bring people together around the mischievous element FIRE, feeding body and soul.

Our BBQs hold, manipulate and control fire. Crank up the heat or smoke it- low and slow. Sear and grill on a variety cooking surfaces. They are as at home, outdoors in the garden as the are indoors under a canopy in a commercial  kitchen.

Watching the red, yellow and orange flames, flickering through our beautifully designed picture grills transports you to the here and now, temporarily pausing the modern hectic world, rewinding back to the simple, making memories, creating good times. They are not just any BBQ, they have been developed over 22 years and are hand made by skilled blacksmiths,  with 100% green energy in South London. We offer a full range in our on line store below and currently have  a waiting list of 2-3 weeks from placing you order to delivery. They take time and patience to make from scratch, and we enjoy making them.


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4mm laser cut S275 silicon steel grill with a new naturalistic  picture grill design

The cooking surface is 555mm diameter and the drum 900mm tall 

2mm thick Fire basket hangs from the lip of the drum and easy to lift out to empty ash by tipping drum out in the bin or flower bed.

The drums are heavy and super thick.... the heaviest and thickest we could find so they last.

Total weight is over 25kg

Super doooper quality this is made in the UK and built to last.

We’ve tweaked the design so the fire basket hangs lower and you can now cook and smoke with the lid on with some control by unscrewing the cap 

Available to collect from the workshop by appointment and we can arrange delivery nationwide 

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