23 years of design tweakage has created something that’s as sizzling to cook on as it is looking… BBQs with Flare 🔥 the perfect balance of form and function.

Normally we have a small number in stock and ready to go… we don’t sell through shops and only sell them direct… Give us a call at the workshop on 0208 764 4895 or check out the shop below… We custom build too and these could take 2-3 weeks to deliver.

Our BBQs are handcrafted in south London to a high standard using quality materials and 100% renewable electricity… our S275 laser cut grills are thick, heavy and provides an exquisite cooking surface for pretty much a whole range of food. On they’re own they are a stand out piece of art but in the fire with flames licking through the laser cut art work they are magical…

We also custom build BBQS and add logos, artwork to the grills and exterior of the BBQs…. in the past we’ve created a loads of BBQs for companies and individuals. Hit us up with your ideas and we can execute them skilfully by hand and on the computer by Bram.

T BONE dual smoker and BBQ

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J cut bbq with adjustable air vents and chimney baffle coupled with another drum as a base which has a door and fire basket.

The fire basket in the lower section can be used to create smoke for slower smokier indirect cooking with the smoke flowing unhindered into the top drum.

The top drum can also be used as a bbq

Multi purpose and good looking

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