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Our BBQs are well crafted in south London to exacting standards using quality materials and 100% renewable electricity… ooh and our grills are thick, heavy and provides an exquisite cooking surface for pretty much a whole range of food.

We also have a workshop in south London and are once a month in Littlehampton on the south coast if u want to see them in reality… we usually have a small number in stock and ready to go…

We can also custom build BBQS and add logos, artwork to the grills and exterior of the BBQs….

OJ 1/2 Cut


OJ 1/2 Cut 0001

Fully edged half cut drum bbq with stand and fire poker

Accurately cut half drum, fully edged to eliminate sharp burrs and strengthening the drum to make it more robust

Three bars running entire length with carry handles either side further increase strength, supporting the grill and enabling the timber side shelves to be screwed on with P clips

6mm heavy duty mild steel laser cut grill, so you can keep cooking while you reload fuel or lift away sections for cleaning

X5 air holes either side and two in the bottom

heavy duty fire grate to keep the charcoal off the bottom and increase air flow

all sprayed matt black and logo'd up with original jerk branded laser cut name plates

reclaimed scaffold side shelves either side

Nice looking and well made thus ready for action...

£450 In stock
OJ 1/2 Cut OJ 1/2 Cut OJ 1/2 Cut