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We have workshop in south London if u want to see them in reality. Normally we have a small number in stock and ready to go… we don’t sell through shops and like selling them direct to keep quality high and price reasonable. Being Blacksmiths we are metalwork and design geeks so spend time getting the finer details dialled in and make sure it’s up to the task of surviving in the demanding front line of a red hot fire

Our BBQs are extremely well crafted in south London to exacting standards using quality materials and 100% renewable electricity… our grills are thick, heavy and provides an exquisite cooking surface for pretty much a whole range of food. Our end customers are pubs, jerk restaurants, outside caterers, Michelin stared chefs, reggae musicians and your average normal everyday person who loves cooking outside with friends and family.

We can also custom build BBQS and add logos, artwork to the grills and exterior of the BBQs…. in the past we’ve created a loads of BBQs for companies and private individuals. Hit us up with your ideas and we can execute them skilfully by hand or a full repertoire of computer based design skills by our in house industrial designer Bram Tan of Sturdy and Tan design check our blog for past work and shop below.

OJ 1/2 Cut

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Fully edged half cut drum bbq with stand and fire poker

6mm or 1/4” heavy duty mild silicon steel laser cut grill,

The thick grills can take the heat and transfer it perfectly to the food sat on it.

X5 air holes either side and two in the bottom

Heavy duty fire grate to keep the charcoal off the bottom

Finished in matt black with high temperature paint

Solid timber joists 9” by 2” oiled side shelves

Can be made in Stainless Steel

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