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There’s something magical about cooking outside with friends and family. We help bring people together around the mischievous element FIRE, feeding body and soul.

Our BBQs hold, manipulate and control fire. Crank up the heat or smoke it- low and slow. Sear and grill on a variety cooking surfaces. They are as at home, outdoors in the garden as the are indoors under a canopy in a commercial  kitchen.

Watching the red, yellow and orange flames, flickering through our beautifully designed picture grills transports you to the here and now, temporarily pausing the modern hectic world, rewinding back to the simple, making memories, creating good times. They are not just any BBQ, they have been developed over 22 years and are hand made by skilled blacksmiths,  with 100% green energy in South London. We offer a full range in our on line store below and currently have  a waiting list of 2-3 weeks from placing you order to delivery. They take time and patience to make from scratch, and we enjoy making them.

J CUT with picture grills

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The 'J' CUT oil drum BBQ

One brand new mild steel oil drum that is cut, edged, strengthened, hinged, drilled and has a chimney stuck on it

Inside the drum sits the fire basket, the place where the fire sits and the place where the fire is kept safe and fed

On top of the fire sits the 4mm laser cut S275 silicon steel picture grills, why ?? because we can and they look cool with fire under

Hot plate and grilling areas along with a cooler upper shelf

Foldable X base, Brand new oil drum, oiled scaffold board side shelves for food preparation

Sprayed in heat proof matt blacklater on.

Also comes with a thermometer, forged fire poker and heavy duty cover

**** During busy periods it may take a week or so to make another batch,

please give us a call if your in a hurry to avoid dissapointment ****

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