2019 Deep Base PRO

This years bbqs are better than ever… we’ve been making them for over 20 years and they’re not looking too bad. This is our top of the line oil drum bbq. Oil drums are quite thin, prone to rusting out and can be a bit fiddly to reload if your cooking all day say in a commercial kitchen, big party at home or just if your a greedy fucker !

We’ve done away with the lower half of the oil drum (which can rust if not looks after) and replaced it with a 2mm steel box that allows for easy refuelling and cleaning simply by opening the door. We sold one of these 3 years ago and it’s survived the harsh weather of the UK’s south coast with no corrosion problems and that’s just the mild steel one… we can make these in stainless too

In the lower door are adjustable air vents so you can allow more oxygen in and fire gets hotter, close off the vents and the fire slows down.

We’ve kept an oil drum on the top, it’s a real one, brand new otherwise it can’t really be called an oil drum bbq

This top part gives us the look and the lower part gives us a serious cooking setup…

It’s a heavy duty bbq with heavy grills designed and built in south London to guys you years of bbq’ing and outdoor cooking.

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