High Temperature Paint and care

We paint our BBQs with cellulose based high temperature ” WET PAINT ” as opposed to powder coating. Powder coated BBQs look good to start with but as soon as the coating is worn or even slightly damaged water gets in and then slowly gets underneath it, and you can peel it off like a lovely scab. Also, out in the sun powder coating tends to go white and loose the pigment.

However, we wet paint with good quality cellulose paint which sticks to the bare metal of the brand new drums, doesn’t fade, doesn’t peel off and can be touched up by rubbing with fine sandpaper and spraying with a can of high temp paint from your local DIY store.

We recommend a Bbq cover to keep the Bbq dry, oiling the hinge from time to time and not overheating the Bbq with huge amounts of timber lapping flames out and over the lid !

If you look after the Bbq it should last for years to come.

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