Something new for 2016, smaller BBQ, good size for a family do or use as a fire pit. Can be built as per photo or with a storage below or even a smoker… Pizza oven, maybe on wheels…    

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  1. Hi

    My name is Irving and I’m interested in purchasing one of your oil drum barbecues. I’d like a custom made with a St.Vincent & Grenada flag kriss crossing each other. My wife’s parent’s from St.Vincent and mine from Grenada.

    If you could give me an idea of the cost and how long it would take to make that would be great. You can call me direct on 07903111779

    • Hi Irving thanks for your enquiry…

      basic bbqs are £500 for 1/4 cut and £600 for the J cut + vat

      st vincent and grenada flag cut from sheet steel in different layer… rolled and bolted to the drum… theyd be a small amount of design time and a bit for laser cutting that would add £120 to the price so £60 per flag in layers, sprayed up different colours and fitted. that’s pretty much at cost, but i like making them

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