Cooking on an “oRiGiNaL jErK”

Cooking on one of our BBQs is a hassle free affair. X20 12mm holes, 5 in each end and 10 in the bottom provide the flame with enough oxygen to stoke up a decent bit of heat. The fire sitting on the fire grate is well ventilated, to slow down the fire for more intense smoke we recommend closing the door and sticking a beer can in the chimney- its the perfect size !! The grills and fire grate wont bend with the heat even after years of use, we use only the heaviest duty expanded mesh we can get and its been tried and tested on our hire BBQs with absolutely no problems even after 600 burgers in 3 hrs !! An added bonus is that it holds heat and burns nice lines on whatever your cooking, it can be clean easily with a wire brush when warm as you go along. The cooking grill is split into 2/3 and 1/3 so a section can be removed to top up with fuel without stopping cooking and later pushed over with the poker made from the oil drum cap and a piece of 10mm round bent bent into a pokey thing. Also provided is a smoking half shelf above the main cooking grill for a lower temp/keeping warm and/or smoking on. The lids are now attached with a continuous hinge along the entire length of the drum. So even after repeated opening and closing over the years the hinge will last and keep the drum straight.

10417721_679928232096670_996296957030145950_n     10423984_1469625433278684_6177175059423811072_nIMG_0244

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